Binance is providing incentives for registering for a BTC account and conducting trades there.

Take the strong chance for all residents of Nigeria to make a living. Register now to, the planet’s largest virtual asset exchange, and you are a step nearer to a 5,000 NGN bonus!

As tech is progressing rapidly, additional profit chances popped up for folks around the world. You can find a number of them on the web. The online space has rendered it a reality for every resident of Nigeria to seek additional alternative income chances, like BTC trading and other cryptos.

Do not be frightened right away by the big words we’re using. Bitcoin is essentially a type of digital currency that’s being accepted over the globe, and you may exchange it and similar cryptos (other types of digital money, to be exact) on Binance, the globe’s largest trading platform for such digital assets.

Binance made the space for all Nigerians to profit. Currently, Binance offers up to 5,000 NGN in incentives to those who register for a BTC account and exchange there.

How to be a part of this? Here are 3 moves you can make:

Get to 5,000 NGN by Registering to!
  • Phase 1: Sign up for Binance.
  • Phase 2: Once you get the account verified, deposit NGN to Binance.
  • Phase 3: Swap your NGN for BTC or 4 other cryptos that you can purchase with NGN.

You can exchange your local currency with Binance to BTC, and a couple of of the top ten BTC alternatives:

ETH and BNB, respectively. You may also swap NGN with Tether and Binance USD, a couple of the top stablecoins on the marketplace. Stablecoins basically stands for cryptocurrency tokens whose value is related to a currency, such as the USD in the case of USDT and BUSD.

This exclusive deal from Binance offers novice traders a big fifty percent bonus on their trades, which you get in the form of NGN. The larger the trade, the better the bonus!

To put it differently, you can receive this 5,000 NGN bonus by trading as low as 10,000 NGN in your initial deal.

On Binance

Binance is the globe’s top provider of distributed leverage and crypto technology, with a financial product portfolio that comes with the biggest digital asset exchange by volume.

Trusted by millions over the globe, Binance is committed to growing users’ freedom of capital. It provides an unparalleled portfolio of cryptocurrency products and offerings, like trade and finance, learning, data and studies, social responsibility; investing and incubation; non-centralization, infrastructure solutions, etc.

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