Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I read broker company reviews for 2021?

You've arrived to the right website! We are a trustworthy portal for all cryptotrading questions. We tackle all the hard questions - which brokerage can be trusted, how deposits and withdrawals are made, and so on.

Do you have experience trading Bitcoin, for example, or are you looking to diversify your portfolio into the world of blockchain? Not every broker will be an ideal fit for you, and that has nothing to do with the size of the broker. Your needs as a trader will be different from anyone else, so the best place to find your ideal broker, is through TheCyptoCritique!

How do you conduct your research?

We brought together a team of people with a rich trading background in cryptocurrencies. We have our employees go over various broker companies. They check out the trading expenses, execution reliability, customer service, fraud concerns, et cetera.

The outcome is a finalized rating for each brokerage.

What other information do we provide?

We bring you all the newest information and learning materials from the trading arena. You can find out the latest developments in Bitcoin, what "blockchain" means, and so on.

We give detailed broker company reviews, news articles and our glossary. Beginners and professionals will find all the information they need for their successful cryptotrading activities.

How do we fund our activities?

Our website is partially funded thanks to affiliation to some of the brokerage firms we cover on the website. We get commission at times, if some of the web page visitors trade or create an account with some of the mentioned brokerage websites.

This does not incur any additional costs to the webpage visitors.

Can I trust CryptoCritique?

Yes, you can trust us. You can trust those brokerage reviews that come from a respected source like this one.

In order to bring you verified information, we spend hours researching and reviewing broker companies

What is the best cryptobroker?

There isn't one finite answer to this. Yes, there are some fantastic and professional companies out there, but trading is also a subjective experience.

You should always aim for broker companies that provide you with good trading platforms, have authorities overseeing their activities, offer competitive spreads and do not result in high costs.

Is trading cryptos actually gambling?

We always highlight that traders should be wary of overtrading and steering from their trading strategies.

Always stick to your trading rules, don't trade with emotions and try to diversify your portfolio.

Finally, test your patience and hone your strategy in a demo account before beginning to trade.