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Origin ECN Review Summary

The Origin ECN analysis concludes that the business is a reliable option that offers direct market access along with interbank quotes through the established software and range of trading instruments. Full authorisation by ASIC (Australia) guarantees the status of the broker and the security of the customer, while the starting traders may enter with a relatively small deposit of $200 or even apply a risk-free demo account and then choose between the STP or ECN accounts according to a specific trading strategy. Education, market research and daily updates can assist traders at all stages of the process. However, veteran traders will find many trading opportunities and the requisite support from the company. Overall, the company can be a big trading partner as their innovations and service have been awarded times and times over the years of their activities.

Origin ECN Review Highlights

Trading Platform: MT4
Cryptocurrencies No
Regulator ASIC
Minimum Initial Deposit 200 US$
Leverage 1:400

Pros & Cons

  • Bid / Ask spreads would probably be narrower as a result of dealing directly with a large number of major liquidity providers;
  • Spreads can sometimes also reach zero;
  • Request execution is almost immediate and re-quotes or request slippage are no longer issues;
  • ECNs will not trade against you in the background or exploit your stop loss spreads;
  • The ECNs, by their very existence, are capable of embracing all trading methods. In other words, scalpers and automated trading are welcome;
  • Price variance may also be increased, supporting a scalping strategy.
  • Support tools can suffer as it is difficult to integrate charting software and news feeds with variable source feeds from multiple providers;
  • Web trading could be more cumbersome;
  • Commission pricing can not be compatible with your individual trading strategy;
  • The ECN does not deliver the higher degree of leverage that many traders prefer;
  • Stopping loss and taking benefit orders can involve a different approach with variable spread quotes.
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What is the root of the ECN?

The Origin ECN was founded as a financial trading service company in Australia in 2004 and is currently in the operation of the Shanghai operating office. Over the years of operation, the platform has been built through innovative trading platforms and services tailored for a wide variety of markets, from individuals to companies or businesses with access to more than 50 financial derivatives like FX, Stock Index and Commodities.

As is evident from the name of the company, the broker provides STP – ECN trading mode, which means that the client receives quotes from the interbank network, without third party interference, which is directly linked to the provider through sophisticated server technology. Flexible leverage from 50:1 to 400:1 helps customers to optimize capital efficiency and manage risks as much as possible.\

Origin offers a structured training framework that covers all aspects of the process and gives detailed information to traders at all levels of elementary or advanced tutorials and education. Apart from direct operations, the company’s offline activities include forums, summits and the possibility to participate in the new foreign exchange sharing. A series of events “World Trading Experience Sharing – 1st National Innovation Technology Exchange Forum for Foreign Exchange Industry” held in Guangzhou has become a benchmark of the foreign exchange technology exchange forum.

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Is Origin ECN safe or is it a scam?

Origin ECN is a brand name of Origin Markets that holds a license from ASIC, an Australian body that regulates financial services firms. ASIC is one of the most knowledgeable regulators in the financial world , providing clients with trust by maintaining the highest standard of computability, risk management and compliance at all levels.

Origin ECN is one of the first approved Forex companies in Australia to maintain a strong regulatory record while conducting stable and efficient operations. Every year the broker submits audit reports, the client’s trading account is 100 percent separate from the business one, while the funds are held by the top-tier banks and the professional liability is issued as needed. In the event that the broker has any problems, the indemnity shall reimburse the clients for the insurance.

Root of the ECN trading sites

Origin is the mainstay of an industry-proven MetaTrader4 platform that represents efficiency and speed of implementation. The Origin MT4 app has a simple , user-friendly interface with powerful chart features, place settings, extensive resources and access to news reminders. There is no need for a specialist to use analytical and technological resources, as the framework is designed on a simple and easy-to – understand basis, but with very advanced capabilities. The framework is available in various versions that can be used on any laptop , Desktop, Smartphone or via the application.

The primary need for any trader to be fitted with a powerful feature is therefore the Origin recognized and given trade assistance to any trader. Trading Central offers top-of-the-line technology solutions and services to assist EAs (Expert Advisors with Automated Trading Power and No Restrictions) along with early warning prompt online monitoring. In addition, there are a range of plug-ins that can be downloaded and enabled to improve the functionality of MT4.

Accounts of Origin ECN

There are three major account forms within the Origin ECN broker that are different from the needs of of trader. The trading account offers statistical data and features for analyzing financial statements, trends and simpler management tools through the CRM system.

– Regular Account is a common form with an initial deposit of $200 and a typical floating range of 2.2-2.8.

– The VIP account provides a more affordable spread of 1.2-1.8, the same STP features and costs $500 to launch.

– ECN Account is a pure ECN model option with interbank spreads of 0.0 pips, availability to access deep liquidity pools, but needs $10,000 to launch.

Initially, in order to obtain a deeper understanding of the market and the trading process, Origin is providing a demo account launch. Money managers and corporate clients are also encouraged and able to take advantage of MAM Accounts with advantageous features to operate a business and execute potentially profitable activities.

Deposit and Removal Methods for Origin ECN

In order to engage in live trading with the Origin ECN network, the client should deposit funds. Payment methods include the most popular and easy method – wire bank transfer from the original bank account of traders (currently credit card transfers are not sponsored by the broker). However, it is important for the trader to bear the extra expense, the fee paid by the bank for processing. Withdrawals of less than $200 will result in a payment of $20, while the higher will not have any fees.

Latest changes to Origen ECN

As a result of recent checks and changes, Origin ECN and its registered company, Origin Markets Ltd, no longer run clients or retain trading services. Its website address is also inaccessible, which means that there is no hope of offering more services or the prospect of renewing operations. However, the ASIC license remains active, although the company has recently changed its name and information to ZANK CAPITAL LTD, which could expand more trading services to continue offering trading solutions.

Origin ECN Registration

Founded: 2004
Broker Type: Broker
Languages Supported: EN
Trading Instruments: Forex, 70+ including currency pairs, gold, silver,
Account Types: Standard, Vip, ECN
Expert Advisors: Yes
Social Trading: Yes
Hedging: Yes
Scalping: Yes
Commission: Yes
Inactivity Fee: N/A
Swap-Free Account: Yes
Mobile Apps: No
Demo Account: Yes
Prohibited Countries: N/A
Trading Fees: Yes
Withdrawal Fees: Yes
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