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Axiory Review Summary

Axiory is an NDD broker and trading provider offering common trading instruments and assets through MT4 and cTrader platforms and was founded back in 2012. Axiory's original concept is focused on a straightforward service to consumers and the trading community, while traders would have unprecedented and well-developed technology to make it more successful. Axiory works as a consortium of companies trading brokers based in Belize. Nevertheless, it has gained global recognition since it operates for such a long time in the trading world and hasrepresentative offices in Dubai, offering access to both EEA and Middle Eastern clients.

Axiory Review Highlights

Trading Platform: MT4, cTrader
Cryptocurrencies Yes
Regulator IFSC
Minimum Initial Deposit 100$
Leverage 1:500

Pros & Cons

  • Scope of instruments, including Forex and CFDs
  • Successful advancement of trading technology
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals alike
  • Based on the results from MetaTrader and cTrader
  • No multi-monetary transactions
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What’s the Axiory?

Axiory is an NDD broker and trading provider offering common trading instruments and assets through MT4 and cTrader platforms and was founded back in 2012. Axiory’s original concept is focused on a straightforward service to consumers and the trading community, while traders would have unprecedented and well-developed technology to make it more successful.

Axiory works as a consortium of companies and trading brokers based in Belize. Nevertheless, the broker has gained global recognition since it operates for such a long time in the trading world and has representative offices in Dubai, offering access to both EEA and Middle East clients.

Is Axiory secure or is it a scam?

Prior to signing up and putting trust into a broker, you can probably test their legal documents to see whether or not either of the brokers is trusted. As far as Axiory is concerned, we have found that the company originates from Belize, which is known as the offshore jurisdiction and for a fairly simple way to acquire a trading license for Forex. This, of course, attracted a variety of brokers and even unscrupulous fans, as well as made Forex’s credibility in trading and brokerage seem like a scam.

Nonetheless, Belize recently revised its legislation and called for higher capitalization and requirements for brokerage companies, while the company would be asked to deposit a capitalization of $100,000 at the start of the application process. And, all in all, it makes things a lot smoother, because the broker can be trusted.

Is Axiory legit?

First of all, Axiory is a trade name that acts as an AXIORY group of companies with a registered address in Belize and a number of representative offices, including Dubai. In addition, Axiory has been operating for more than a decade (since 2007) and has since developed a relatively strong customer base and the trading group they represent.

There is also another company named after Axiory – PT International Limited, headquartered in London, UK, and Operations HQ in Brno, Czech Republic, if they wish, as the brokerage is Czech-owned.

How are you being protected?

Axiory also means that the client assets are completely distinct from those of the organization. The broker is routinely audited and published on the correct terms, which ensures that there is a fair degree of transparency because rates are collected directly from liquidity suppliers and the reporting reflects its non-intervention climate.

In addition, Axiory is a member of the Financial Commission, an independent board that protects the investor fund in the event of insolvency of the broker and reimburses a trading account of up to $20,000.


Leverage is a very powerful tool that helps to increase your income by allowing you to raise trading capital in a number of ways, described as a ratio. Forex trading is also common because of its leverage potential, which means that with initially small money, you can potentially have quite a strong market exposure.

Nevertheless, with its large capacities, leverage raises risks in parallel as well, thereby restricting the use of high leverage by world authorities, though some brokers still offer this enticing opportunity. Finally, Axiory is one of those brokers that still describe the amount of leverage offered up to 1:500.

Leverage rates are often determined by the instrument you trade and differ according to their class of assets and the sum exchanged. Therefore, test the conditions for exact rates via the trading platform.

  • Forex and Currency Pairs Leverage is set to a limit of 1:500.
  • CFDs on stock, indices and more up to 1:200 according to the conditions of the instrument
  • Commodity CFDs that sell up to 1:100


There are many types of accounts designed to meet different trading needs, as well as offering very versatile trading conditions and the availability of the Islamic Account for some traders.

In addition, you can also sign up to the Free Trial account that is available for both platforms offered, so that you can see trading conditions, test results and make more decisions.

Types of Account

Axiory provides three main account forms, including the Nano Account, the Standard Account and the MAX Account. What’s completely awesome is that you can combine the usage of both MT4 and cTrader systems with one account. Axiory is being very generous allowing flexibility of the trading conditions, so when trading you can negotiate the terms with the customer service.

Step by Step Instructions on how to Open an Account

1. Load the Axiory Sign in page

2. Enter your personal data (name, email, phone, etc.)

3. Confirm access by sending an email and checking your information

4. Training account at this point can be accessed

5. Make your first deposit and choose the type of account you want. Define the terms and conditions of customer service

Trade Instruments

Markets that can be traded via Axiory channels include common Forex, CFD Indices, Energies and Metals. Although some traders may find the selection of tools small, it is clear that Axiory provides the most common and traded tools. And if you’re looking for futures trading, find other brokers.


Axiory provides tailored trading terms and rates, which ensures that you can communicate with customer service and explore your views, goals and needs, so that Axiory can better fit your requirements. In reality, this is quite a great opportunity, as not many brokers are offering it. In addition, you can consider either NDD spread based fee conditions or if you want to deal with raw spread and commission charges, there is also that chance.

Fees for Forex

Along with its versatile terms and conditions, each account has different terms and conditions, whereas the Nano account is described with a raw spread usually of EURUSD 0.2 pips and a 10USD commission charge per lot. While the Standard account proposes a spread only basis of EUR 1.2 USD, eventually the MAX account offering a higher leverage of up to 1:500 USD spread is about 1.8 USD for the same EUR USD pair.

On some point, the regular fee terms can seem a little higher than the Axiory competition, but the trading conditions are flexible enough that you can negotiate them with the support centre. For example, you can also test and compare Axiory fees with the peer XM.com.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Creating the plan as a user-friendly one, Axiory also takes care of seamless evidence of money transfers to or from a trading account. The money is available at any time you order, and you can also select a payment provider for your country, which is awesome.

Methods of Deposit

Axiory uses the most common methods, as well as a broad variety, with the option of transferring funds through Cryptocurrencies via the popular BitPay that supports a wide range of cryptos including Bitcoin, Ripple, Lithecoin and more. That is to say, the payment method includes the following providers, but make sure you verify the ones available in your country of origin that require transfers.

  1. Credit card and debit card
  2. Transfer via wire
  3. E-payments Skrill, Neteller, STICPAY and so on
  4. BitPay

What’s the minimum deposit for Axiory?

Opening an account with Axiory establishes a minimum deposit of just $100, which is also the same requirement for all three forms of broker offerings. Nonetheless, see the trading conditions for each form of account and select the one that is ideally suited to you depending on the trading cost structure and the size you are willing to operate.

In addition, Axiory may cover fees for deposits through Cards and Wire Transfer, while future fees may be imposed by the payment processor in compliance with your country of origin and relevant laws by other providers.

May you remove your money from Axiory?

Sure, you can withdraw money from Axiory and use the same withdrawal methods as for deposits. As far as fees are concerned, Axiory proposes Free withdrawal can Credit Cards and SITICPAY, while other charges can apply. So make sure that the terms and conditions are fulfilled with customer service.

The time to collect payment and withdrawal often varies according to the process, although the broker itself agrees to validate the withdrawal request within 1-2 working days, while payment providers can take up to 3-10 business days or be immediate.

Platforms for Trading

The trading platforms or applications that you use for trading output itself give a powerful combination and an option between the common and well-regarded MT4 and cTrader. Finally, this mix is ideally suited to any scale, skill level, and the trader’s need to find the right solution for himself.

MetaTrader4 is a golden standard for all traders, including auto trading, copy trading and robot traders, while cTrader is known for its innovative capabilities and great features.

Trading Platform

The greatest benefit of the Trading Platform is that you don’t need to download the software so that you can trade directly from your browser. Additionally, both the cTrader and MT4 Axiory applications are available in online versions.

The Web Platform, however, is a very condensed edition that is more suited for mid-level traders and start-up traders, and has more detailed add-ons, tools and features only accessible via mobile versions.

Web Platform

MT4 and cTrader support all devices including PC and MAC, so pick which platform you want to use. Great to note again that every account supports both platforms, so there’s no need to specify that you can use two at the same time, which is fantastic.

CTrader blends state-of-the-art technology with existing platforms and is a perfect replacement for MT4 with its intuitive GUI. Nevertheless, MT4 remains most commonly used by industry traders due to its high chart features, visual features and endless capabilities for copy trading and EA adaptation.

The Mobile Trade Channel

Of course, in any situation, you will be kept up-to-date on your progress in trading or on market conditions with the available Mobile App. Free and easy-to-use applications suitable for iPhone and Android devices, also based on the MT4 engine or cTrader software are very detailed, giving you good conditions right on your computer.

Customer Support

Considering Axiory Customer Support Services as an important aspect of the broker’s offering, we will conclude that it is at a good stage and should be proud of its strengths as a broker. Axiory has established customer support available for contact through telephone lines, chat and email, which also represents services in major destinations, including Cyprus, United Kingdom, Singapore, UAE, Chile and its Belize office.

We found their responses to be very considerate, while help is easy to reach and attentive.


In addition, Axiory provides newcomers with educational materials developed by the Trading Academy, including strategic trends, business fundamentals and trading terms and platforms.

Nonetheless, Axiory only offers articles or written materials and lacks videos or webinars that are important for beginners. In terms of education, Axiory offers a relatively detailed technical review, which is a crucial benefit for both newbie traders and practitioners, as well as market news and other support materials accessible directly from the channels offered. Along with a wide variety of testing resources including calculators, indicators and other software such as MyAxiory and Autochartist.


Axiory Review provided us with a broker, a profitable, long-standing and time-tested market experience with multiple clients from all over the world, and a technology-based trading plan. Axiory’s main objective is to establish balanced trading conditions that are suitable for beginners or experienced traders and provided through the ultimate trading performance through technical solutions and experienced platforms MT4 and cTrader.

The broker also helps training traders with a big technological analysis produced by in-house professionals. Despite the fact that broker primarily operates as an offshore broker, its terms and conditions and some degree of security and standards applied have made us name Axiory as a safe broker to invest in.

Official Axiory Review Registration

Founded: 2012
Broker Type: N\A
Languages Supported: ES, RU, PT, EN
Trading Instruments: Forex, CFD Indices, Energies, and Metals
Account Types: Nano Account, Standard Account, MAX Account
Expert Advisors: N\A
Social Trading: N\A
Hedging: N\A
Scalping: N\A
Commission: Varies
Inactivity Fee: Yes, minimum
Swap-Free Account: Yes
Mobile Apps: Yes
Demo Account: Yes
Prohibited Countries: N/A
Trading Fees: Yes, variable
Withdrawal Fees: N/A
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If you are the owner of this platform you can manage this account. First you need to claim the ownership of the platform.


Axiory Reviews

34 Reviews for Axiory

  • Ostfield says:

    Sophisticated trading platform, very low cost and meets all my trading/investment needs. I use a fraction of the technology available; when needed this is a serious tool for interacting with the global markets.

  • Shaun says:

    I used to sell trading platforms for large brokerage houses for a living and but I still did all my personnal trading on IB. It’s the most complete, simplest and cheapest system in the world! Just give it a try and you’ll see for yourself.

  • Soha Nou says:

    I’m sure like myself, you will find this deeply concerning as if the same customer service protocols were applied to your bank, you would not deposit 1 penny into any bank however well known.

    Below is a response from Axiory following 2 fraudulent positions placed onto my account. Very very concerning for any Axiory user.

  • Houston Gil says:

    seems an ok platform as far as a novice user is concerned. I like the social aspect, good to share research etc…
    don’t like the fact that not all cryptos are traded on this platform. there needs to be more

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