The project is creating a blockchain network that brings together freelancers, businessman, and enterprise investors in a fresh, rational way.

A venture, with huge goals to turn into the largest distributed leverage system next year and after t, is developing a network where businesses can seek freelancers with expertise, businessman and businesswoman can work on their business ideas by crowdfunding, and any enthusiastic investor can join in with the startups they think will succeed.

Ideology says Active IDEA is being developed since there is a pressing need for a sustainable, digitally-oriented, self-sustaining world where companies can be taken care of, and careers will be able to flourish.


In time, they hope that talented entrepreneurs are going to be in the position to transform their idea into practice with the aid of a group that can provide financial support, advice, and resources that are required to get a new firm up and running.

Amar Kovacevic, co-founder, and CTO of Ideology, said that the firm is committed to creating chances for freelancers, start-up establishes, and investors via the Active IDEA platform.

Shifting customs

Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr are not a practical place each time for professional people to locate paying projects. Given how the Covid-19 spread has changed how we all do our jobs, Active Concept is deliberately made to grant talented freelancers as much visibility as it can —and a bigger opportunity of connecting with those who are interested in what they can provide.

Freelancers do not always work on freelance online networks, and clients or businesses do not find them there. Lots of them run independent enterprises from their web pages or agencies, searching for clients through advertising, email marketing, generating leads, and other methods.

A prototype of the idea has already been developed —and Ideology is keen to remove certain traditional pitfalls with marketplace-leading platforms, which frequently get high commission levels after linking freelancers and clients. The common issue concerning the top 3 sites is that freelancers do not often have the room to show off all their talents — making it hard to express their real talent.

The organization coined its method “collabvesting.” Giving an explanation as to what this actually means, executives gave the example of a young businessman who holds a passion for non-fungible tokens but has little knowledge about how these are developed. Via Active IDEA, they will communicate with a product manager who has the potential to bring the idea to fruition. Via mutual investing, a couple of pros can turn into partners and look for support from other members of the community.

All in all, this is a principle that confirms a significant thing: no freelancer or firm is an island.

A token-powered system

According to the company, an ERC-20 token will be at the core of its service. They work together as utility and payment tokens — granting entry to the features of Active IDEA. The digital asset may be utilized, too, to engage in votes, allowing owners the ability to determine which ventures they’d like the group to focus on next. In the meantime, a truly open platform would render it simple to purchase, sell and exchange all things – from business services to non-fungible tokens and decentralized applications.

The venture is currently forming partnerships with popular cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, and an initial exchange offering was released in December via the P2PB2B exchange. It is hoped Active IDEA will gather 1Musers in the next 3 years.

With reports estimating that there are around 1.1B freelancers over the globe, Ideology hopes that its network will provide a new and enticing alternative that helps people to locate jobs and develop companies how they want.