Bitcoin (CCC:BTC-USD), Ethereum (CCC:ETH-USD) and other crypto currencies resume with the upward motion on the charts, and this motion also comes with the keen interest of investors. These shiny, new investment opportunities keep the investors on the edge, following the wild rallies we’ve managed to see in the crypto world. 

These named crypto currencies aren’t necessarily new, but nowadays they are somewhat more accessible and widespread. For years on end, investors have observed these volatile assets and watched their turbulent movement – soaring high and then plummeting low. Back in the day, it wasn’t as easy to buy a Bitcoin, like it is to buy a stock; also, the headlines didn’t really help, as they suggested that digital currency isn’t safe. 


Nowadays, direct Bitcoin sales are possible, through well-known brands and brokers offerings. Also, large corporations from various industries have taken upon themselves to invest in digital currency, mainly Bitcoin. The thrust in crypto currency has been strong and if other corporations follow in the footsteps of these predecessors, the crypto trend might just be starting. That being said, let’s have a look at three stocks with crypto exposure that might interest investors. 

1. Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)

After the meteoric rise of Tesla’s growth stocks value and the Twitter praise given to cryptocurrency by Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk (Dogecoin CCC:DOGE-USD), it doesn’t come as a big surprise that Tesla stocks are one of growth investors’ favorite stocks. Company’s large exposure to Bitcoin was documented at the end of last year, when Tesla dropped $1,5 billion on the said digital coin. In addition to that, the company plans to adopt a new payment system that will allow customer payments via Bitcoin. Analysts have made calculations that Tesla already made $1billion on its investment in this digital coin, bolstering the liquidity of the named company. Despite the shared momentum in both Tesla and Bitcoin, the share price suffered a decline of 36% and it remains 23% below the ATM.



As PayPal represents a synonym for a digital wallet, it was only a matter of time when the company will get implicated in crypto currency. As 2020 was wrapping up, PayPal added crypto to their services, meaning that their users could commence with buying and selling Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (CCC:BCH-USD), Litecoin (CCC:LITE-USD) along with Ethereum. The extended part of their plan is to give that access to Venmo users as well, thus supporting the sending of crypto to family and friends, also allowing crypto payments. The company isn’t planning on stopping any time soon, as it already invested in crypto-related firms like Cambridge Blockchain and TaxBit; it also acquired a crypto security company named Curv. This only suggests that PayPal’s crypto stocks are set to grow exponentially.

3. Square (NYSE:SQ)

There is absolutely no way to talk about PayPal without mentioning Square. This is one of the pioneering companies pushing largely into Bitcoin as many of its peers, including PayPal. Firstly, the company and its Cash App allow simple buying and selling Bitcoin transactions, in addition to granting investors the permission to set up recurring purchases of the digital coin. This ensures continual exposure to the crypto currency space. Bitcoin has helped Cash App accelerate the growth process, and with it Square as well.