The pioneering stock-to-flow model is saying BTC’s phase is at 10k dollars – and they were right so far.

The time has come for Bitcoin to start another hefty price climb, according to the maker of one of the most popular Bitcoin price models.

Quantitative analysts PlanB said in September that there are more and more signals that BTC USD is probably going to once again reach record gains.

PlanB on the BTC price – the time for the climb has come

Talking about the original incarnation of his stock-to-flow model, he said that the conditions are good for the next phase.

He displayed a chart and said that the 2019 time series model on previous Bitcoin info shows a climb in model value at the halving and a drop in stock-to-flow multiple/model error. So, according to PlanB, the time is come to have a climb.

Bitcoin stock-to-flow model

Bitcoin stock-to-flow model

The original stock-to-flow graph is different from the newer stock-to-flow cross-asset (S2FX) one, which combines macro factors and shows”phases” in BTC’s change as an asset. It is asking for an approximate Bitcoin price of $288k before 2024.

Since May’s halving, BTC has put red specs on the platform that has run up to predictions, if not in the nearly similar way as to what occurred following the 2016 halving.

Marketplace Analyst Michael van de Poppe sees the same trend emerging, too, from a tech research viewpoint.

He said that the current state can be compared to the one in 2016 and that we see a slower climb with a big sideways equalizing period, just like in 2016.

PlanB directed his Twitter followers to an article about stock-to-flow when they inquired which funds will send BTC USD climbing to 100k dollars.

It would be precious metals, nations with negative interest rates, those with faulty policymakers, billionaires hedging against quantitative easing (QE), and institutional investors.

Analyst optimistic for a bull run

Others were also optimistic regarding things not related to Bitcoin. People are hoping that gold will have a bullish run after the Fed updated policies on Wednesday.

Bloomberg Intelligence’s strategist Mike McGlone confirmed gold is still going strong. Its prices are going up, even with the falling managed-money hedge funds and an advancing USD.

The marketplace is in a healthy bull place since there is less speculating and more organic demand, and all of this affects the store of worth.

XAUUSD now hangs under $1,950, having hit record peaks of $2,075 in August.