At $16,5k, BTC’s marketplace cap is going to be the same as that of JPMorgan, showing how early the digital coin sector is in its growing stage.

The feeling around Bitcoin became clearly positive following the $12k breakout in August. If this continues to strengthen over time and Bitcoin reaches $16,5k, the marketplace cap for JPMorgan and this one would be equal.

Earlier in the day, MMCrypto, an on-chain company for analysing, stated some big technology and financial corporations’ forecastings connected to Bitcoin’s possible price. At these price points, BTC would equal the market caps of the following firms:

BTC Marketplace Cap Will Be the Same as JPMorgan's if the $16.5,000 CME Gap Closes
BTC market cap share of top companies at various prices. Source: Twitter

If BTC’s pricing is to reach USD18,324, it may equal Mastercard’s market cap, and if it got to USD 20,182, it might match Tesla’s market cap.

For the digital gold, USD16,5k is important due to a Chicago Mercantile Exchange gap at this rate. CME gaps come out when BTC price goes under or over the cost last time seen on the CME marketplace before it closes.

As the CME BTC futures marketplace closes for Saturday and Sunday, it frequently leads to gaps amid the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the other parts of the crypto-marketplace. The two gaps that now exist are USD 9,650 and USD 16,5k.

BTC/USD monthly chart. Source: TradingView

Marketplace Cap Comparison With Firms Display Early Stage of BTC Growth

BTC is a P2P currency that’s usually seen as digital gold. As there are no dividends, selling, and other features of a firm attached to it, it cannot be normally compared to corporations, but the comparisons indicate that BTC really is in the first steps of growth stages.

Gold is something most comparable to Bitcoin. Not long ago, Tyler Winklevoss, billionaire and founder of Gemini, penned a report saying that digital gold is like an ordinary one but a tad better.

He stated that the crypto outperformed gold when it comes to portability and its fixed amount of 21 M. During this time, gold supply will carry on growing if new sources of precious metal are discovered. As he has said, BTC is a better gold than the precious metal itself! Not just incrementally, but ten times better. It’s widely accepted in the tech sector that when something is ten times better than its closest comparison, then it’s inevitable it will escape its rival. One can truly believe BTC has done this.

BTC Marketplace Cap Will Be the Same as JPMorgan's if the $16.5,000 CME Gap Closes
The supply curve of Bitcoin. Source: Winklevoss Capital

Even though there is so much trade activity around it, computing power, and infrastructure, the coin’s marketplace cap carries on being around $198 billion.

The Whole Cryptocurrency Marketplace Cap is Less than that of Tesla

People like to compare the popular crypto and Tesla since there is such high retail demand for them.

They are the most checked-out assets in the States, or at least they were in July. Tesla is actually in the first place here in 31 states, but Bitcoin is close behind. Ever since the year began, Tesla’s stock climbed in terms of prices by three times. In the meantime, BTC climbed up by 60%.

Tesla market cap vs. BTC market cap. Source: TradingView

At the moment, the marketplace cap of the whole crypto marketplace is less than the marketplace cap of Tesla, yet as demand for BTC goes up and the non-centralized financing branch enlarges, this inequity may be subject to change.