Bitcoin Core is reportedly a descendant of the OG Bitcoin software customer of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitmain, one of the biggest BTC mining manufacturers around the globe, is said to have stopped its support for some primary developers that maintain BC-linked apps.

Jonas Schnelli, a big contributor and maintainer to Bitcoin Core, reported that Bitmain had ceased its funding after having funded its efforts for over 3 years.

In a recent tweet, Schnelli stated he doesn’t have the Bitmain sponsorship anymore, and neither does Joao Barbosa, an other NTC Core contributor. Schnelli thanked Bitmain and asked his followers to send contributions to Bitcoin Core.

Hex creator Richard Heart then replied that other businesses would be able to finance the BTC Core project as Bitcoin reaches new record numbers. Also, certain Reddit users said that Bitmain could’ve spent their cash on other things instead of funding the Bitcoin Core venture. One user even said they saw it as unbelievable that they were still funded by them.

Bitcoin Core is a big open-source venture that manages and publishes BTC client apps. The project is described as a direct descendant of the initial BTC app client released by Nakamoto after publishing the BTC white paper in 2008.