Many experts expect a grim year for the dollar and in the long term, too, beginning with a prime-boost for safe-havens.

Bitcoin could receive new support for the highest-ever year in 2021 as a result of the downfall of the US dollar.

As different outlets saw this week, the dollar is selling at nearly 3-year low levels versus different currencies and 5-year low levels against the Swiss franc.

Analyst: Long-term pattern of “clear dollar downfall”

Weakness in the USD appears to affect the standing of BTC, and this year was the one in which the USD Currency Index (DXY) became a trustworthy indicator for price movements.

BTC vs Gold

BTC/USD versus Gold versus the USD Currency Index one-day graph.

The inverse correlation has been apparent this year, and although BTC’s relationship with the USD Currency Index has broken down in recent times, analysts are still convinced that new lows were just optimistic news for Bitcoin.

The current challenges to the USD are a mixture of revived expectations for worldwide economic growth and a novel pandemic stimulus capital kit. The USD Currency Index reached 91.1 on Tuesday, the lowest since April 2018.

When one gets the info that a bipartisan stimulus package can be put together after hopes have been slashed, it is yet another reason to risk and sell the USD, according to some experts.


DXY weekly graph Bitcoin, gold to gain as Peter Schiff expects the ‘worst year’ for the US dollar

And the BTC skeptic Peter Schiff is still infatuated with gold but echoed the sentiment of others when it comes to the standing of the USD.

The USD, according to Schiff, has been trading at its lowest levels against the Swiss franc since January 2015. This, for him, is a telling sign. The franc leads the path, yet other currencies will follow suit. The following year could be the worse one for the USD, at least until 2022 comes.

Grayscale is sending an unintended buying sign for gold

In the meantime, Schiff’s loyalty to precious metals could soon bear rewards as gold recovers from its mediocre results at the moment.

Barry Silbert, the founder of the crypto-asset management name Grayscale, announced that the company had purchased back its “BTC-isn’t-gold” ads this month, a development that shows the marketplace’s perception that gold is bottoming up. This is a big buying sign for those trading gold. Some experts responded to Silbert’s sentiment, stating he is savvy about his business and a revolutionary crypto-enthusiast, but he isn’t a markets trader and portfolio manager. The previous time betook the advertisement was in May last year, days before a thirty percent rally begun. This, to them, means it is selling the low again.